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    A little bit of shit about me. I am just finishing my junior year of high school at Connellsville Area High School. Connellsville is a backwater town south of Pittsburgh. It sucks here. You see my picture to the right. It is of me at the prom in my pimp suit. I'm gonna be 18 years old on July 5th, 1999. I can't think of much else about me. Since you're at my page, you know I'm a big fucking metalhead.

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I live with my mom and my stepdad. My mom is a bitch and my stepdad is an asshole. I use my house as a place to keep my shit.


My friends are just about all I got. They hate this town as much as I do. A few of my friends have even offered to help me beat the piss out of my stepdad.


I enjoy smoking, swimming, partying, cruising the web, setting shit on fire, pimpin', listening to music, jamming with my band, and all around Hell Raising.